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“Instead of dedicating your life to actualize a concept of what you should be like, ACTUALIZE YOURSELF.”

Bruce Lee

Personalized training concepts

We offer you comprehensive training solutions, especially customized for you and your needs.

In my role as a personal trainer, I show my clients how they can use their environment for a unique and effective training. The lack of fitness equipment is no excuse not to exercise. Be honest with yourself. Life does not forgive, especially those who want to rationalize their inactivity. Life is multidimensional, so training should be designed accordingly.

The uniqueness of fitness training

  • Fitness, and what it has to do with your beauty: exercising is the healthiest and most effective way to look better, more beautiful, and more attractive. But exercising has even more consequences: your inner beauty comes out stronger, because your spirit, your mind, and your body become one. You are more yourself. This determines your appearance quite significantly, and that causes your personality to shine.
  • To be healthy, full of life, and attractive at any age, to stay young while growing old – that's how exercising changes you. You increase your energy and vitality.  You strengthen your self-confidence. Nervous tensions dissolve – your spiritual life is in balance. You learn to eat healthy, to exercise properly, and to think positive. Within a short time you feel more balanced and calmer, but also more powerful and resilient in your everyday life as well as your work life. You will get back the energy to do the things you always wanted to do, and you will be able to pursue even beloved recreational activities from the past. Your fitness and appearance will improve after a short while, and your new acquired well-being will be visible for all – because exercising is the most pure form of body care.

Posture and movement analysis

  • During the posture and movement analysis the body is examined as a whole.
  • Your body is analyzed from head to toe: the mobility of the head and neck, shoulder mobility, and the stability of the back, the hips, up to the ankles. An individual training program is created based on the results, so that the respective deficits can be reduced gradually. Thus, your body comes more and more into its center and finds the right balance, which has a positive effect on your posture in your everyday life and increases your performance in sports significantly