5 Reasons to start

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A corporate wellness program reduces absenteeism

Studies show that people who exercise once or twice a week and those who exercise for more than three times a week have 43% and 26% fewer absences, respectively, as compared to non-exercisers. (example Johnson & Johnson)

It can increase productivity

As mentioned earlier, healthy employees are more productive. According to the results of a recent Australian research, healthy employees are about 3.1 times more productive as compared to those who are not.

It translates to lower costs

Sure, you need to invest money to put a corporate wellness program in place but the benefits are really well worth it. Studies indicate that healthy employees claim lower health care costs, workers compensation and disability management claims cost. In fact, a study conducted by Harvard University established that for every dollar spent on a sound wellness program, you can save about $3.27 on your company's medical costs.

It improves job satisfaction

Having a corporate wellness program in place enhances loyalty and increases job retention rates since most employees consider it as an immense benefit.

It promotes teamwork among your employees

You can help build rapport and camaraderie among your employees by giving them the chance to spend some quality time with each other doing non-work related activities.