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Esther Agüero Carrasco

Movement in life - My truly “moving” life

Since my earliest childhood, I found any kind of movement fascinating. I was “twisting” around constantly, and this urge of mine to always keep moving put the patience of my parents quite to the test. Even as a four year old I attended my first children's marathon; later on I tried gymnastics, track and field athletics, dancing, and basketball.

During my commercial apprenticeship I discovered  how targeted fitness exercising could substantially improve my performance in basketball. This motivated me to pass on such positive experiences and to make my passion into a career. Thus, I completed the training for Fitness / Personal Trainer with a degree as a Physical Education Teacher at a Swiss Sport University.

Over the years I acquired many insights, but also practical know-how, in various renowned fitness centers. As a personal trainer, the close contact with my clients inspires me the most. To be able to achieve defined goals together with motivated people is very rewarding for me.

In order to comprehend the human body holistically, I also trained to become a Health Therapist, and acquired a degree as a Nutritionist GNM. Visible results motivate me extremely to expand my knowledge constantly.

I support my clients in finding the balance between beauty, physical well-being, and inner satisfaction. Together we are able to maximize their potential.

In addition to my love for sports, the travel bug bites me from time to time, and I have developed a deep attachment to the oceans and their treasures. Surfing, for example, has given me the highest form of happiness. On one of these surf trips I also got to know the country of Panama for the first time, which captivated me with its natural wonders, friendly people, and its infinite possibilities.



2014 Kettlebell Kettlebell Switzerland
2014 Slings in Motion myofascial Trainingsystem Art of Motion Switzerland
2013 Instructor Pilates Reformer & Cadillac PILATESwiss
2012 Pilates Mat Expert PILATESwiss
2011 Golf Movement coach Swissfitgolf
2004 Bachelor of Science Hochschule Magglingen (CH)
2004 Masseuse Classic education Klubschule Migros
2004 Instructor Pilates Mat Level 2 Herzig & Latscha
2003 Instructor Pilates Mat Level 1 Herzig & Latscha
2002 Certificate Personal trainer Holmes Place Zürich
2002 Instructor Power Yoga Power Yoga Switzerland
2002-2003 Education as Dietitians Natura Medica Zürich
2002 Certified as health consultant High Care Center Germany
2000 Certified Fitness Trainer Hochschule Magglingen (CH)
2000 MATURA AKAD Zürich
1998 Education Fitnesstrainer SAFS Zürich
1996-2014 Workshops in Fitness & Groupfitness SAFS Zürich & others
1996 Certified Aerobic & Groupfitness Instructor SAFS Zürich
1996 Swiss federal diploma in office administration KV Wetzikon Switzerland






myshape studio Pedasi el lugar perfecto que te ayuda cada día a llegar a la meta que deseas! Estoy feliz de formar parte de este grupo y de haber encontrado personas que se preocupan por estar sanos, y puedo decir que en myshape me han enseñado que el entrenamiento puede ser muy divertido! Tengo una súper entrenadora que me ayuda a conseguir los resultados que quiero y además me motiva esto hace que no quiera perder ningún entrenamiento!


Liseth Bathista, Pedasi Panamá, Arquitecta



"Do not use the excuse "I need to get in shape so I can start working out". I had aches, pains, injuries, weaknesses and plenty of excuses for why I could not do it. But I went anyway to myshape studio. Pretty soon things started to look a little better. What's more, things started to FEEL better! Less aches, less pains and definitely more muscles! So no excuses! Get to the gym like i did!


Allison Sherman, Pedasi (Panama); mother, housewife and life organizer



I had the pleasure to know Esther Agüero since 2011 as personal trainer as well as expert in the area of Golf Fitness. Her know how and the way Esther coaches is for me ideal. She explains very meticulously the idea behind an exercise or why and in how far this lesson should improve my golf game. Esther is also always on hand with additional ideas should one feel something more is needed.

Pascal Rogger, FH Mech. Eng.



"I used to train for a couple of years at Holmes Place Fitness Zurich (Switzerland) before I met Esther during a personal training. I could compare the time before training with her with the dullness of a dry bread. Only working out with Esther I finally achieved the results that I wanted. Her energy and positive attitude, as well as her in-depth knowledge helped me to get back into shape. At the same time, she also helped me as a nutritionist to develop healthy eating habits. Thus she was, so to speak, the butter and the salmon on the bread. If I had the possibility to train again with Esther, I would do it in a heartbeat!"

Jehudah Mresse, Bank controller, Zurich CH



In all the years I was working together with Esther in my position as Director of instruction for the Golf Academy Migros Zürich, I really appreciated her deep understanding for fitness and sport training in total. She also developed an enourmus knowledge about golf and was able to manage the integration for fitness in golfers training plans. I can recommend Esther to everybody who is willing to work on his fitness to improve his golf.

Markus Rath, PGA Golfprofessional / Board of directors Swiss PGA, Zurich CH



“My experience working along side with Esther Gujer-Aguero is inspiring and allows myself to let my best come out as well. With her likeminded interest and enthusiasm for training, we were able to create a unique working environment where clients truly could learn with a human-centered approach, which lead to extraordinary results. Esther’s impeccable work ethic, her personal know-how and expertise, she applies to various physical needs with mastery. I have seldom met a trainer that is quite as proficient in handling this craft so brilliantly as Esther does.”

Daniela Schellenberg, Educator and Movement Specialist, Palmsprings USA



“I have been training for many years, but when I had the opportunity to meet Esther, she showed me another level of depth in my workouts. With her excellent understanding of the body and what would be appropriate for me after suffering several injuries coupled with the pressure of being slim and looking good, she motivated me with creative exercise routines that were very effective. She found a good balance of pushing me further and still considering my limits. Also, her unique understanding for nutrition helped my needs to achieve a healthy weight. Esther’s great focus on details and empathetic teaching style, I highly recommend to anyone who would like to feel the difference!”

Karen K, Model, San Diego USA



The passion of helping-goal of my life

the first thing that I remember as a response of my will to move to panama was “why don’t you stay here (in Israel) and treat your own people? It was hard to explain to my mom that if you are a healer it doesn’t matter who you are healing as long as you help people…

I came across the oriental healing in Thailand, there I was practicing the Thai boxing for a few months, in one of the training I was injured in my ankle, instead of going to a hospital they asked me to stay at the training camp and they used in a few local balms. Well, it really helped me.

That was my first experience with oriental medicine…

During my training at the camp, I started to meditate and to learn “kabala”. In one of the meditations I saw my future as a therapist and I have decided to dedicate my life to heal and help as many people as I can during my life time. When I came back to Israel I was exposed to the Traditional Chinese Medicine and the rest is history…

I’ve learned 4 years Traditional Chinese Medicine-Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. In addition 3 years of Shiatsu studies.

I’ve graduated in 2012,sinse then I’ve specialized in orthopedic problem management and general pain in a hospital in Israel and worked there for 2 years in the orthopedic section, there I treated patients before and after surgeries in order to ease their pain and for better healing. The method that I’m using is the “Balance Method” of D’r Richard Tan (R.I.P) which is one of the most useful method for dealing with pain.

What I like the most in the Traditional Chinese medicine is that one can always learn more! The knowledge is endless! every patient is new knowledge.

What differs me from other therapist is my empathy to my patient and the will to help them in every way I can!.

It’s very important for me to be a better therapist and to learn every day!

After 8 years of experience by treating people I believe that there is a cure for every illness, we just need to learn to listen and to know the patient…


Curriculum vitae


Ron Foux

Hello, my name is Ron Foux,

I am a health therapist, specializing in Chinese macrobiotic traditional nutrition, herbalism and integrated massage therapy, while simultaneously working as a chef and cooking consultant in restaurants and private homes.  I am knowledgeable in Asian cuisine in general, in particular Thai as I have family in Eastern Thailand and I am fond of their culture and food. I have always been fascinated and drawn by the practices of massage and cooking, as I feel that they both provide a connection between body and soul, and moreover provide excellent tools for efficiently treating.  I am happy to be able to practice them and to make a contribution towards improving the life of whoever approaches me.

My speciality are orthopaedics and various digestive problems, but I am always happy to help with any other health condition.

I have a small company called “Toque de Manos”, about which you can find information on Facebook.

Please feel free to contact me at 6707-2963