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  • on – site group fitness: We bring fitness to our clients, all we need is space and participation. We have many options at Myshape including Yoga, Pilates, functional training, TRX, Karate, stretching classes, meditation sessions and many more. All our instructors are certified.
  • on demand private fitness: We offer private sessions to reach your goals even faster. Myshape network of professional instructors is vast. We are able to respond on short notice for inquiries into personal training.
  • fitness assessments: All assessments are completed by certified instructors. These assessments includes blood pressure, resting heart rate, testing of the whole body in strength, mobility, flexibility and stability. Assessments are the best way for employees to gain more awareness of their body and a sense of accountability.


Treatment services


Whether it’s monthly, weekly, or even daily, creating a massage wellness program for your office comes with a lot of benefits—both for you and for your employees. You see, corporate massage does more than feel good. It lowers stress while boosting productivity. It improves posture while cutting down on sick days. A 15-minute massage also contributes to calm minds, better self-awareness, and more motivation throughout the day.


Acupuncture is a form of treatment and a key component of TCM, involving thin needels being inserted into the body to stimulate specific points in order to balance the body, calm the mind and treat illness and pain. In the office acupuncture is one of the best things that you can give to your employees. In half an hour without leaving the work field they will receive a full acupuncture treatment to reduce stress, calm the mind to be better focused on the work and treat pain.

Less pain – less days off – more days at work!
Less stress – happy workers – productive workers!

Office health coaching

Improve health behaviors with one-on-one health coaching, facilitated by experts in nutrition and healthy lifestyles. Our health coaching program includes sequencial health coaching designed to support employees in better health whyle reducing te risk of chronic conditions.

- nutrition assessment
- find the individual metabolic nutrition type
- customized training plan

Health education Workshops

These interactive seminars engage the employees on a range of topics that are important to health. Workshops are tailored to engage employees through taste tests, wellness demonstration and wellness swag! The workshops include:

-the power of healthy food
- meditation and stress management
- fitness in daily life
- kick your blood sugar constantly and improve your productivity
- good posture
– less back problems
- find your metabolic type for a maximum energy level
and more…

Customized wellness solution programs

We offer tailor-made solutions which are adapted to the needs of the company.


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Holmes Place, Switzerland
Credit Suisse, Switzerland
HP, Israel


Offer of costs:

We analyze the needs and possibilities of your firm and your employees. Together with you we define the scope of measures. You will get a custom made offer with our best efforts.


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